We create layouts that are specially conceived for each client. They can be individual or collective, and small or large in size. They can extend over one or two floors, be designed for indoor or outdoor use, and rented or sold. Our direct presence at major trade fair facilities in Italy and in Europe, and our network of reliable partners in the rest of the world, enable us to accompany our clients everywhere, while providing continuity in their exhibits and consequent brand recognition. We’d like to say a special word about China, where our Monkeydu Exhibition LTD subsidiary in Shenzhen serves the entire country, as well as Hong Kong and nearby nations, with European quality at prices that reflect the local market. Thanks to our smooth, direct connection between conception, creation and implementation, we develop the finest quality layouts that meet the needs and specific requests of each client, and thus express its presence at the fair in the best way possible. Stands bearing the MONKEYDU name combine solid structural execution and quality materials with careful detailing and finishing. And, the company’s approach to service emphasizes long-lasting relationships that grow and strengthen over time.


The creation of a layout starts when the company ascertains and shares the client’s goals and expectations. At that moment, the ideas begin to take shape. We combine fine design, advanced materials and consistently contemporary solutions to come up with display areas which will host exhibitors and their guests in a functional manner, and publicize the product and service with great effectiveness at the same time.


The step from design to actual construction is very short. Our design team and our workshops collaborate closely to create a functional workup of the plans for the layout, with painstaking production of display structures and components. Wood, metal, Plexiglas, glass, fabrics and graphics are fashioned with skill and confidence. An investigation into materials is combined with a study of shapes to give concrete form to clients’ ideas. The final result is display areas with great personality.


And now we come to the heart of what we do: bringing ideas and materials to the trade fair, while ensuring that our client, who is arriving to deal with an important event, enjoys great peace of mind. Our office pays the closest attention to organizing and supervising transport, logistics at the fair, assistance to our clients with filling out forms, and relationships with the trade fair organization. We are careful to obtain prompt, precise confirmations of important matters and to plan orders and deliveries so that deadlines which are essential to the success of the layout are met without fail. At the fair, assembly and teardown operations are handled in full compliance with safety regulations by expert, trustworthy teams coordinated by our Project Managers. We offer the client transport services for materials, as well as help with arranging products and assistance during the event. And, we stand ready to provide answers and take prompt action if needed. At the end of the fair, we check the quality of the returning materials to provide them with proper maintenance and to restore or replace them as needed. Our facility enables us to store materials that belong both to us and to the client, and to handle the preparation and packing of layout and furnishing materials carefully and effectively.