Stores and Showrooms

Working with outside architects and designers, or designing what we need internally, we create made-to-order furnishings and accessories for stores, showrooms, display windows and layouts. Our goal is for each installation to be nothing short of excellent. To do so, we apply superior design skills, execute drawings and plans with care, constantly investigate innovative materials and efficient production solutions, offer products with quality craftsmanship, and pay painstaking attention to details. The entire process is completed by efficient organizational, logistical and documental support, and prompt planning of shipments and installations, to convey our clients’ installations in Italy and around the world with the same level of reliability and freedom from worry.


We work closely with project design studios, architects and designers that wish to outsource the creation of their projects to an ethical, reliable, helpful partner who will be present and conscientious throughout the entire production process. This “filter” of professionals has motivated us to achieve positive, profitable collaboration and to excel consistently, so that the end client enjoys the very highest level of satisfaction. When requested, we conceive the display formats and plan the relative areas, structures and furnishing elements internally. Each project is entrusted to a Project Manager who supervises every phase to ensure consistency. He also examines the complexity of the project and develops executive plans that express the finest solutions for its construction, maximize the serviceability of each component and thus optimize transport and assembly. Finally, he monitors the entire production process and oversees final installation. Our experience developed in the field enables us to handle each project with competence, tackle the most demanding requests, anticipate on-site problems, and manage complex situations quickly. We provide a complete service that even includes technical support and assistance with constructing the enclosing structure and its systems, including plasterboard elements and suspended ceilings, construction jobs, dyeing, electrical systems, plumbing systems and air conditioning systems.


We rely on the hands of experts for crafting each of the materials that make up the project. These may include wood, metal, paint and enamel, glass, Plexiglas, padded upholstery, fabrics, signs and special products. The masterful skill of our craftsmen ensures the precise, careful execution of all procedures, extreme care in finishing, and meticulous attention to details. We check product quality by taking samples, creating prototypes, checking individual pieces and assembling workpieces internally, where we also perform final packing – a step that must provide us with the assurance that the material will arrive in good condition regardless of transport method and final destination. Constant monitoring during production maintains consistency and functionality, thus enhancing the final result.


Assembly operations for furnishings are handled by specialized, reliable teams that are coordinated by a Project Manager to guarantee results that deliver on promises. Our teams of expert assemblers are specially trained to supervise carefully and precisely the placement of components and to solve any unexpected problem quickly. We act swiftly to assist our clients when jobs are planned, to organize the transport of materials if requested, and to provide complete documentation supporting the project. And, everything is handled with great attention paid to time frames and costs. We also furnish manuals with instructions on the assembly of installations that the client wishes to handle independently.